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Wombat Warriors Sample ReadingSamantha Wheeler

Wombat Warriors

Wombat Warriors is out NOW!

This story was inspired when I saw a picture of a roll of sheep wire jammed down a wombat burrow. People don't really kill wombats do they? A quick visit to the wonderful people at the Wombat Awareness Organisation soon revealed the awful truth, and my new story, Wombat Warriors was born! This exciting new book explores both sides of the story, and shows how one small voice can make a difference.

Wild wombats. Wild adventure. Can Mouse rescue her friends?

Mouse is not prepared for her last minute stay at Aunt Evie's. How will she cope at a new school without her parents around?


But before Mouse has even unpacked her suitcase, she makes a new friend - a wombat called Miss Pearl. Suddenly, being in a strange cottage doesn't seem so bad, especially when she can snuggle up to a wombat.


But Mouse soon learns that not everyone in the area loves wombats, including Aunt Evie's landlord, a sheep farmer who destroys them on sight.


Can Mouse find her voice in time to keep her furry friends safe?

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