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Everything I’ve Never Said

From bestselling author Samantha Wheeler comes a remarkable novel about finding your voice.
Ava wants nothing more than to tell her family she loves them, particularly her big sister, Nic. But Ava has Rett syndrome – she can’t talk, nod her head or even point at a communication card. She understands everything, but no-one understands her. When tragedy strikes her family, Ava becomes even more determined to talk. But it’s not until she meets occupational therapist Kieran and new friend Aimee that she is hopeful for change – and to be heard at last.

'Everything I’ve Never Said' is Available Now!

Samantha Wheeler is best known for her eco-adventure stories but, inspired by her youngest daughter who has Rett syndrome, she thought about writing Everything I’ve Never Said for many years. ‘Everyone has a voice, whether or not they communicate in a conventional way and I wanted to convey that message to younger readers,’ said Samantha. ‘Children with disabilities and the families who love them are rarely found in novels and one of my aims with this book was to create characters who are role-models, who show us that it’s okay to ask for help. ’Courageous and resilient, Ava and her family are quiet heroes who cherish each other, tackle the tough days and never give up. Everything I’ve Never Said is an extraordinary book about empowerment and one that will forever change the way readers look at themselves and each other.

"This is a powerful novel that explores a rarely addressed topic ... suitable for readers aged 10 years old and over, with a broad appeal for teens and adults."


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