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Smooch & Rose Sample ReadingSamantha Wheeler

Smooch & Rose

Smooch & Rose is an inspiring tale about conservation, family and friendship.

When Rose and Gran save a baby koala from a pack of blood-hungry dogs, they call him Smooch, because he loves to cuddle. With the help of wildlife carer, Carol, Rose and her dog Lizzie look after Smooch until he is old enough to make the trees on their strawberry farm his home. Rose is deliciously happy - living on the farm and looking after bush babies is her dream come true!
But things change for the worse when Gran gets a disturbing letter from the bank. Does this mean they have to sell? Then one terrible day, Uncle Malcolm mentions bulldozers and Rose realises it’s not just her home that’s at stake. She has to do something, and fast! 
Rose has a voice and wants to make a difference but what can one girl and her koala do?


Like Gran always said – things don't have to be big to be special.

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