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Eleven-year-old Killarney thinks school is boring. She’d rather be exploring the wilderness around her Tasmanian hometown or helping her hairdresser mum. When strange things start to happen - ear-splitting

screams in the dead of night and missing items found under the house - there’s even less chance of Killarney doing schoolwork.


Munching, slurping and nibbling! Looking for food is like searching for treasure for this little fruit bat. Can you guess where he lives, the land he loves to roam?


Ava wants nothing more than to tell her family she loves them, particularly her big sister, Nic. But Ava has Rett syndrome – she can’t talk, nod her head or even point at a communication card. She understands everything, but no-one understands her.


Ten-year-old Isaac is flat out. Helping his mum run a caravan park on the Queensland coast means no time for fun. So when he finds a sea turtle nesting on the beach, he's disappointed that he can't volunteer as a turtle tracker to watch over her eggs and hatchlings. How can he when summer holidays are their busiest time?


From the beloved author of Mister CassowarySmooch & Rose and Spud & Charli comes another thrilling adventure about Australia’s endangered animals.


When Flynn and Dad arrive at Grandad Barney's banana farm, it's clear that Flynn has a lot of investigating to do. 


An inspiring tale about one girl and her fight to make a difference for the Australian koala from an engaging new voice in children's literature.


An action-packed adventure about horses, bats and getting carried away by your imagination.

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