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My newest book, “Everything I’ve Never Said”, is Available Now!

My newest book, “Everything I’ve Never Said”, is available now.

It has already received some wonderful reviews, and I’m so excited to share this special book with you. It’s a book very close to my heart.

From bestselling author Samantha Wheeler comes a remarkable novel about finding your voice.

Ava wants nothing more than to tell her family she loves them, particularly her big sister, Nic. But Ava has Rett syndrome – she can’t talk, nod her head or even point at a communication card. She understands everything, but no-one understands her. When tragedy strikes her family, Ava becomes even more determined to talk. But it’s not until she meets occupational therapist Kieran and new friend Aimee that she is hopeful for change – and to be heard at last.

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Samantha Wheeler
Australian Children's Author
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