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Dig like a wombat!

I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Carbrook State School to help raise funds for the Hairy Nose Wombats of South Australia!

The Carbrook State School Student Council held a number of fund raising activities to help support this cause.

Activities included:

  • Dressing up as their favourite Australian animals for free dress day.

  • ‘5 CENT’ DRIVE where students saved and donated 5 cent pieces. The donations were placed into a jar and students attempted to guess the total amount of money raised, with the closest guess winning a special prize!

  • NAME THE GIANT TOY WOMBAT where students donated a gold coin in order to enter the competition to name the giant wombat toy. The winning name won the wombat!!! I had the tough decision of choosing the best wombat name. Congratulations to Nathaniel for thinking of the winning name ‘Mr Bee’ the wombat.

Great ideas for a great cause! A big thank-you to all the teachers, students, and parents who participated in these creative fundraising ideas.

But that’s not all…

On Monday, 12th June 2017 I had the pleasure of visiting Carbrook State School during their parade to award the prize winners and share the Wombat Warrior message. The school students had a special surprise in mind with the entire parade performing the ABC song ‘Dig like a Wombat’. It was spectacular. See for yourself...

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