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Devils in Danger, UQP

I’m so excited to announce my latest wildlife adventure, Devils in Danger, a middle grade reader, published by UQP. The book hits the shelves on the 3rd August 2021 , and is already getting some wonderful reviews.

Eleven-year-old Killarney thinks school is boring.

She’d rather be exploring the wilderness around her

Tasmanian hometown or helping her hairdresser mum.

When strange things start to happen – ear-splitting

screams in the dead of night and missing items

found under the house – there’s even less chance

of Killarney doing schoolwork.

Before long, she discovers the culprit: a wild Tasmanian

devil, denning under the house! When rumours about

dangerous devils begin spreading, Killarney is

determined to protect her precious visitor.

But can she convince an entire town these

wild creatures are worth saving?

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